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Respected by both traditionalists and newcomers, Bace Kadet is one of Perth's leading DJs spearheading the city's burgeoning music industry. An omnipresent member of Perth's club circuit, Bace Kadet has also worked heavily within Australia's underground and independent hip-hop scene: He toured across the country with the game-changing Get Bodied festival in 2018 and Apocalypse tour in 2019, spinning for talents including ChillinIt, Wombat, Alex Jones, Nerve & Huskii; and was also instrumental in bringing these events to Australia. Bace Kadet frequently commands the decks for the Golden Era Records emcee Shadow, most recently on the 2019 Hilltop Hoods Australian arena tour; as well as performing at Perth's explosive editions of One Day Sundays, the country's most renowned rap party. At the tender age of 20, he became the DMC Champion of Western Australia proving that his skills on the turntables are amongst the country's most refined. 

Bace Kadet ended 2018 by opening up Perth's flagship festival, Origin Fields for the second year in a row, and has spent 2019 continuing his role as one of the city's most active tastemakers and participants in the world of music.
Whether it's old-school or contemporary, homegrown or international, Bace Kadet has built his career on diversity and the unexpected.

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